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Local Bartending School originated from the collaboration between an internet entrepreneur and a nightclub/bar owner in 2011. The bar owner expressed frustration with the shortage of skilled bartenders who lacked knowledge in bar operations, point of sale systems, and drink measurements.

Recognizing the widespread interest in bartending throughout the country, the entrepreneur and bar owner joined forces to establish a business. They devised a screening system and launched a national certification campaign, enlisting instructors to deliver comprehensive lessons. Within a year, they had amassed 300 instructors, and today, there are over 5,100 certified LBS Pros as a testament to their growth and success.

Welcome to LBS

Close to home

Eliminate the need for a 30-minute commute to attend lessons. With our extensive network of instructors, we can arrange for a professional to come to your location.

first national bar

Distinguished as the pioneering national bar network in America, we take pride in our instructors’ extensive instructional experience.

Distinguished by our exclusive national certification for instructors, no other program can match our level of expertise. Our current reputation is built on a rigorous 5-step screening process. When teaching bartending on-site, our approach begins with demonstration and technique. However, the majority of the instructor’s role involves fine-tuning and correcting minor deviations from the precise pouring and timing methods.


Lexington KY

Cincinnati OH

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Why lbs?

With a rich history as the longest-running nationwide bartending school, LBS operates in over 1300 in-person facilities. At LBS, you have the advantage of choosing from a vast pool of instructors to find the perfect match for your requirements. Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps or aspiring to become a professional, LBS is dedicated to providing the guidance and support you need throughout your journey.

Obtaining a lesson is incredibly simple and hassle-free!

1. Contact us by phone or complete our convenient online contact form.

2. Arrange your lessons and finalize your down payment effortlessly over the phone.

3. LBS brings the mobile bar to your location, enabling you to learn and obtain your certification conveniently!

There are absolutely no excuses to delay starting your bartending education.

With an extensive network of over 1300 pre-screened instructors, we proudly hold the title of America’s largest bartending school. This vast reach allows us to serve a majority of the country, bringing our exceptional training to aspiring bartenders nationwide. In the rare instance that we are unable to accommodate your location, we are committed to providing assistance by referring you to another reputable local bartending school that can meet your needs.

Becoming a part of LBS’s instructional team is highly sought after and a challenging endeavor for experienced instructors. Our hiring department receives hundreds of applications every week, but only the top 2% of instructors are selected. Each instructor holds a national certification in safety, having successfully completed rigorous training, background checks, and exams.